Benny Puckett | Drums

Benny Puckett | Drums

Benny comes from Stuart, VA (Blue Ridge Mountains) and started playing drums at age 8. He played in bars at 12 and marching band, pep band, concert band as well as several rock bands through high school.

He went on the road in ’88 with Mid Atlantic touring band M.O.B. playing 5-6 nights a week. In ’90 he moved to Orlando, FL and formed the band Shogunn with Ken Renolds, working with the top touring agencies at the time. He played Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights and the first ever Grad Night in ’91. They also appeared on USA Up All Night with Gilbert Godfrey and Ronda Shear.

In ’93 he moved to Texas and played country music for a year. Then in ’94 he moved to Jacksonville, FL and joined Big Engine. In 2000 he joined Gutterboy and was playing in 3 other bands part time. In 2003 Benny rejoined Big Engine and played with them until 2014 after which he moved back to Stuart VA and played drums for country music superstar Matt Bosewell (he says that guy is the real deal!).
Then in April 2015 he moved to Sarasota, FL doing nothing until January 2016 when, as legend has it, he joined Twinkle Rock Soul Radio!

Key points Benny wants you to know:
He opened for Motörhead where he met Matt Sorum and went to his house in L.A. and played his kit.

He’s played 3 feet from Cathy Rich (Buddy Rich’s daughter).
He endorses Kelly SHU.

He recorded at NRG studio in L.A. and used the same snare that was used on Nirvana’s “Nevermind”.

  • "Twinkle! My God! I love you! I’m in love with you! I love the way you sing girl!" -Steven Tyler Aerosmith, American Idol
  • "Only once in a lifetime do you hear a voice as great as this! I want to introduce Twinkle to the world!" -Doug Gray The Marshall Tucker Band
  • "Twinkle is the greatest soul singer I’ve seen in a very long time, and believe me I’ve seen my share of imitators" -The late Jerry Wexler, legendary producer of Aretha Franklin


  • "Right good band mate, Right good band! Twinkles voice is perfection....and she’s got a lovely arse!" -Brian Johnson ACDC
  • "Twinkle! My God in heaven, you're amazing.....America, YOU'RE WELCOME!" -Carson Daily On Last call with Carson Daily.

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