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My birthday was Wednesday, August 27. The day came and went without much hoopla, I got to hang with my favorite girl Solara, had a nice dinner with Tony, baby Solara and Sande Caplin at Primo Ristorante and I was relaxed and happy. Lovely phone calls, and well wishes, and I pretty much was fine with that.

The weekend came and things picked up a little bit. Our Friday €˜Unplugged€™ show at Bob€™s Boathouse was great, and we had terrific people come in as usual, but by Saturday I was looking forward to cranking it up at the Hoosier and rocking out.

Well, we were a bit late getting out the door and then it was raining, which can keep people home, but I was hoping for a big turnout. What I got though was mind blowing! As I walked through the double doors of the Hoosier Bar, I see decorations, pool tables converted into feast tables, the stripper pole area was covered in presents and there were Christmas lights everywhere! Believe me when I say that I€™ve never had anyone throw me a party like that, I was in shock for a second. But I had to start, so a quick hug all around and we were off, first song €œSay What You Will€ by Fastway. (It€™s a rocker! I love it so much I think I€™m going to actually put in on the next record.)

There were people in there from all walks of life, and all parts of my life. I was so grateful. The Florida Blues Brothers even came with the Blues Mobile and sang with us. There were my girlfriends and members of our cheerleading squad from Booker VPA!! And, the reason I called this post €˜MusiCommunity€ is because, none of these people would know each other without the music. We all gather in the same places to listen and create music. Over all these 34 years I€™ve been singing professionally, I€™ve seen strangers turn to friends, and sometimes spouses, I€™ve watched children dance in front of me and then years later bring their children to watch and dance. I€™ve made lifelong friends and soul mates that have enriched mine and my children€™s lives. In fact pretty much everyone I know and love that I€™m not related to, I met at a gig.

That being said, what really struck me at the birthday party/show is that these people all worked together to do something so special for me and I was humbled by it, and by the unifying power of music. It is in itself our gathering place, our church, and our community. And when there€™s hardship we all help, and when there€™s joy, we all celebrate together. Ladies Sing the Blues on 9/11 was an awesome event. Next week Tony and I are playing in the Midnight Tribute show on the 19th. He was a gifted writer and sang for the world famous metal band Crimson Glory, a local band made good. I€™m so honored to be asked to join this and it€™s another faction of our incredibly diverse and talented musical community and heritage in this area.

What I€™m trying to say is that I love my community, and I feel a part of it, and I recognize the true beauty and strength of it. Thank you all so much.

  • "Twinkle! My God! I love you! I’m in love with you! I love the way you sing girl!" -Steven Tyler Aerosmith, American Idol
  • "Only once in a lifetime do you hear a voice as great as this! I want to introduce Twinkle to the world!" -Doug Gray The Marshall Tucker Band
  • "Twinkle is the greatest soul singer I’ve seen in a very long time, and believe me I’ve seen my share of imitators" -The late Jerry Wexler, legendary producer of Aretha Franklin


  • "Right good band mate, Right good band! Twinkles voice is perfection....and she’s got a lovely arse!" -Brian Johnson ACDC
  • "Twinkle! My God in heaven, you're amazing.....America, YOU'RE WELCOME!" -Carson Daily On Last call with Carson Daily.

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